About (Mostly) Harmless Science

What is Mostly Harmless Science?

As you might have already guessed, Mostly Harmless Science is a blog about science.

Does this blog have a purpose?

Mostly Harmless’ mission is to bring science to the masses in as unintuitive, unpredictable, and unintelligible a manner as possible. In particular, Mostly Harmless’ eternal fascination is with the planet Earth and its many shenanigans. Shenanigans come in many forms, from those that might leave you royally puzzled at two o’clock on a Sunday afternoon to those that might, quite literally, smack you in the face at seven o’clock on a dull Tuesday evening. Some of the planet’s antics are entirely benign, while others might leave you in various degrees of lifelessness. Once every possible turn of events has been considered, deconstructed, quantified, averaged, and summarized in one way or another, the resulting label simply reads: Mostly Harmless. Coincidentally, ‘mostly harmless’ is also the entry under ‘Earth’ in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the definitive encyclopedia on such things.

Why is this happening?

I don’t know, but you should probably seek immediate medical attention.


13 responses to “About (Mostly) Harmless Science

  1. A worthwhile endeavor. Science can be fun, but more importantly I look at it as universal culture, a form of multiculturalism perhaps that everyone can participate in and benefit from, irrespective of race, creed or religion. It is the music of the mind.
    And yes, Douglas Adams is a very fitting introduction.

    • Pam, you should also take a look at the Douglas Adams quotes page. Hopefully you’ll find some of your favorites in there. Thanks for the kind comments! I’ve really enjoyed looking through your articles and photography.

  2. Wow! Great blog! I’ll be keeping watch and seeing what you come up with — when an Editor of an environmental magazine entitled Buzzworm back in the 1980s, you would have been a prime source for us to rely on!

    Thanks so much for stopping in (and taking interest in) my current work at Earth: Sacred/Possession!

    Take care!

    • Thank you Elizabeth! It means a lot coming from someone with your experience. I look forward to following your blog in the future!

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