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Alan Shapiro is a Vancouver-based environmental consultant whose alter ego dabbles in writing and communicating semi-intelligent and occasionally amusing things about the planet on which he lives. He received his undergraduate degree in environmental earth science from the University of Alberta and his Masters degree in environmental engineering from Columbia University (in New York, not South America), which means that he is now allowed to list various combinations of letters behind his name in hopes of creating a false sense of authority. Currently, he spends a lot of time thinking and reading about water, as well as drinking it occasionally, skiing on it when it’s frozen, and trying not to forget his umbrella on days when it falls from the sky.

Alan is always on the lookout for speaking engagements, writing contracts, outreach opportunities, and that sort of thing. He also loves feedback, ideas, and meeting new people. Feel free to contact Alan at ashapiro@ualberta.ca or follow him on Twitter @harmlessscience

(Alan clearly wrote this entire thing himself, but using the third person somehow makes it sound more credible. Or so he hopes.)

Photo credit: Lindsay Elliott


21 responses to “About the Author

  1. Hi Alan, thanks for checking out my blog. I’m rather new to this and haven’t got my WordPress manners sorted out yet… your blog looks really interesting & informative and the photos are lovely, I hope to have more time to read through in the near future 🙂

    • Thanks Sydney. I’ll try to keep the posts and photos coming your way and look forward to seeing more of yours!

  2. Great writing, Alan. I’m really enjoying your posts. You definitely have a great way of presenting science and it’s a refreshing change from the dry recitation of facts I usually encounter! Funny you should be writing “Snowball Earth” about the time I was working on another of my iceberg photos 🙂

    • Thanks so much Janis! And I’d love to see your photo! Will it be up on your blog? Where did you find an iceberg?

      • I have been away visiting family so I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front. The ice is from a glacier on Tasman Lake in NZ in MT Cook National Park. I’ll put it up soon. I’m impressed by how prolific your writing is. Where do you find the time? 😀

      • Loved your latest article! And very jealous. I’ve always wanted to trek around NZ. Don’t ask where I find the time. That makes me think about all the places that time should be going.

  3. Hello Alan, I haven’t read Douglas Adams for a while, and your blog reminded me that I should get back to him. Once I read your post on his quotes, I immediately absconded with the “ineffable” quote as a reading exercise for The English Manual. I loved the post on puffins. They look so off-balance when they fly with those huge feet sticking out the back. All the best.

    • Merridy – I can never get enough of his writing style. The sarcasm just drips off the pages. I particularly like some of the letters to magazines and journals that he wrote in his teens. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Alan, thanks for liking my first post “Welcome” I hope you keep following me as I post more information about Baja. Your blog is pretty cool, I live in Mexico and am starting a non profit that has hopes to teach kids down here about the effects of our actions on the environment.

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