For the Love of Cod

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It’s been a month and a half since the birth of Mostly Harmless Science. I’ve had tons of fun writing so far and am looking forward to much more to come. I am currently sitting at 27 articles and 2500 hits, and am aiming for 50/5000 by Dec. 31. This will mean a post every day or two from my end and (hopefully) a lot of reading on yours! If you’ve enjoyed Mostly Harmless so far, please keep reading, commenting, and sharing! As always, I love feedback, questions, and new ideas, so keep them coming. I am always looking to connect with other geo, environment, and science bloggers, so if you have any favorite sites please pass them on! You can find me at or on Twitter @harmlessscience 

Since this post so far is disappointingly un-science-y, here’s a piece (For the Love of Cod) on the collapse of the North Atlantic cod fishery that I just had published in the Vanguard Journal‘s brand new Extinction issue. Take a look!

Until your next lethal dose of mostly harmless science,


Cover photo from JoelBLS Photography, Flickr Creative Commony


11 responses to “For the Love of Cod

  1. Interesting timing on the Cod piece… I just finished a Cod Fishery Communication map for a class. 🙂 There is a really great CBC Ideas radio show on it.

  2. We spent two months in Newfoundland this summer and talked with lots of folks about the collapse of the cod fisheries. From the people we spoke with there definitely seemed a sense of shock about the collapse and moratorium, especially after the modest rise in yields in the preceding years. We definitely have a better understanding after reading your great synopsis 🙂

    • It’s weird, isn’t it? Like many natural systems, I think it was a bit of an iceberg – we might see one thing, but what’s hidden might be another story entirely. I’d love to visit Newfoundland – I’ve been to all the other Maritimes but have never had the chance to see it. I’m glad you liked the piece 🙂

    • Thank you so much Saharah! I’m so excited for the next month 🙂 I will pretend for a little while that school and assignments are all in my head.

  3. Hi from Romania!
    I love your blog. But the link to the Vanguard article doesn’t work. It says: Sorry, this article is not available. Is it blocked for Romanians?!

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